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Study Groups (for NMV members)

Study Groups offer members the opportunity to increase their knowledge through in-depth research and learning about various aspects of Asian art, history and culture, and to share their knowledge with others in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Offered in English, French, German and Japanese three times a year, the Study Groups are gatherings of about ten to twelve NMV members who meet weekly for a few sessions.

Recent subjects include:

  • Glorious Sri Lanka
  • Exploring Thai Temples
  • Mother Goddesses and the Feminine Principle
  • Constantinople

For each Study Group, an Orientation Session is held.

The Leader formulates the various research topics for participants to choose from.

This is followed by two weeks for research and by four weekly sessions in which the research is presented by participants to other members of the group, usually in the form of power point presentations and explanations.

Attending the Study Groups


Usually the orientation session is held from 10:00am to 12:00pm and the following weekly sessions from 9:30am to 12:30pm, with participants planning to arrive by 9:00am


To be communicated to participants

Donation free

For NMV Members

The emphasis in our study groups is on learning and sharing in a friendly environment.


  • First group: September-October-November (following the Annual Reception)
  • Second group: January-February-March
  • Third group: April-May-June


For any queries kindly contact nmvchairstudygroup@gmail.com

Past Study Groups

  • 17

    10.00am - 12.00pm

    Thai Art Through History (canceled and postponed)

    Thai Art Through History (canceled and postponed)

    The styles of Thai art have changed in tandem with the many periods of Thai history.

    Especially designed for all new and “old” guides to delve into the various periods of Thai art, from Dvaravati to Rattanakosin.

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