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‘Through Our Eyes’ is again available!

trough_our_eyesThis stunning book features photo images offered by NMV members and poems in five languages (Thai, English, French, German and Japanese).
An insider’s view of Thailand, it presents unexpected views from all corners of the Kingdom, showing the detail that is so often missed in the overall spectacle.

“Writing from Asia”

writing_from_asiaThe NMV group have also produced “Writing from Asia”, a compilation of articles written by its members.

This book shows the diversity of their activities, their interests and their talent and helps perpetuate the art and culture of Thailand.

“Inspirations, our forty favorite pieces”

inspirationsChoosing 40 of the most inspiring items from the vast collection of the National Museum Bangkok would appear to be a daunting task for anyone, but The National Museum Volunteers did it. Their new collection “Inspirations, our forty favorite pieces” is a stunning visual guide to the best of the best.

Printed in one volume, in English, German, French and Japanese the book is a monument to the dedication and expertise of this multi-cultural group, working together to achieve a one of a kind catalogue.

Available through the National Museum Bookshop or email us at NMVProducts@gmail.com for more information.

“Treasures of the National Museum”


All aspects of Thailand’s rich cultural heritage are represented, from sculpture and ceramics to the mural paintings of the Buddhaisawan Chapel.

Full colour illustrations of the artefacts are accompanied by text giving the artistic, religious and historical perspectives.

The origins and characteristics of the people responsible for creating these treasures are also described.


Greeting cards illustrating scenes and artifacts


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