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Discover the Arts of Thailand with the NMV Lecture Series (open to the public)

Together with the distinguished Lecturers and the National Museum Volunteers

Since 1972 the National Museum Volunteers has organized the well-attended “NMV Lecture Series”.
Held in English the talks are designed to interest those who are new to Thailand as well as those who call Thailand home and return every year.

Each November NMV members as well as the general public meet from 9:30am to 12:00 noon for four consecutive Thursdays in the auditorium of the National Museum Bangkok on the Sanam Luang.

The series is a good introduction to “all things Thai”. Traditionally it covers arts, culture, religion and history up to modern times. And it introduces as well the National Museum Volunteers, and the National Museum where the lectures are held.

The lecture topics are often inspired by the architecture, sculptures, paintings, artworks, and collections of instruments, ceramics, pearl inlay, woodcarvings, stone-etchings, theatre pieces, textiles, thrones, chariots etc. the museum is famous for.

Attending the NMV Lecture Series


The timing of the lectures is usually the same for all four days.

Doors open from 09:00-12:00.
On each day, the first lecture starts at 9:30 and the second lecture at 11:00.


Auditorium of the National Museum Bangkok


NMV Members : for single day 200 THB; for complete series 700 THB
Non NMV Members : for single day 400 THB; for complete series 1500 THB

The Lecture Series is a great opportunity to learn and to get to know more about the NMV while catching up with friends over coffee and snacks.


For any queries kindly contact at lectureseriesnmv@gmail.com

Past Lecture Series