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A Treasure Hunt for International Schools

A program for 8-12 year-old children

In English, German and French

Children will discover some of the most famous treasures of the National Museum Bangkok with the help of trained guides.
The Treasure Hunt is intended for children from 8 to 12 years old, offered in English, German and French and lasts about 1.30 hours.

This Treasure Hunt allows children to discover the exhibits within the museum. To broaden their understanding of each piece, the children will be involved in a hands-on activity to ensure that their museum experience will be exciting and interactive. The children will also be able to take home some of the work they do on the day.

The unique feature of this guided tour is that the groups of children will be given a map and have the opportunity to find these treasures by themselves.

This activity is ideal for international schools to complement their curriculum. It serves as a hands-on introduction to Thai history, culture and religion while at the same time educating the students on the importance of appreciating and respecting diverse beliefs and preserving the country’s cultural heritage. The Treasure Hunt is in the form of a game since we believe having fun in a museum is the best way for a child to learn.

For more information or to plan a specific visit, schools can contact the team at nmvjuniors@gmail.com

The NMV Juniors look forward to welcoming you.