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NMV Excursions

Excursions (for NMV members)

In our quest to learn more about the art, history and culture of Thailand, NMV excursions go to all sorts of places.

There is usually one excursion a month and these are designed to provide learning opportunities that otherwise we could not have.

Our recent excursions have included walking tours of Chinatown and Ban Krua, a day trip to Ayuttaya , weekends in the north east of Thailand visiting Khmer sites as well as Chiang Rai visiting museums, temple ruins and art galleries, a private half day tour of the Grand Palace and in-depth explorations of many of Bangkok’s wats and palaces.

NMV’s study excursions have a knowledgeable leader or a guide who can help us with our discoveries. The common thread is that we travel with a purpose and all participants are enthusiastic, curious, like minded people – all members of the National Museum Volunteers.


For further information, please contact bevfrankel@gmail.com

Past Excursions

Excursion Policy

Participating in NMV excursions is a benefit of being a member.

An NMV member may be accompanied by a non-member if they are family or a house guest (maximum of 2), space permitting*.


  • Always make reservations by email to the organiser listed in the announcement.
  • Please provide your name, mobile number plus membership status of you and guest(s)*.
  • You are registered when your request has been received by email and an acknowledgement has been sent to you in writing.
  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • By making a booking, you are committing to pay in full for your place.
  • If an excursion requests a full pre payment and it has not been received, the organisers retain the right to pass the place to another person.
  • Often an excursion announcement will give a booking deadline. If full, the trip may close and finalise before this date.
  • Until the excursion organiser is actually in receipt of your payment, you are not considered to have paid.
  • The NMV reserves the right to cancel an excursion if enough members do not sign up.


  • Your payment indicates your intention to travel. If you cancel, there will be no refund.
  • In case you cannot attend an excursion, please notify the organiser immediately.
  • If you cancel your booking, any unpaid fees are a debt to the NMV. We regret that no further bookings is possible until a debt is clear.

Appropriate attire

A special request to excursions participants : NMV members should dress in an appropriate manner whenever there’s an excursion to temples, palaces, throne halls or official venues.

As we represent our group, and by extension the National Museum Bangkok, please note that polite attire is essential. You should wear trousers to the ankle; skirts to the knee; shirts with sleeves to the elbow or lower.

The Steering Committee appreciates your attention to this request.

Waiver of liability

The NMV does not provide personal insurance for excursion participants.

The Museum Group’s Excursions is part of the National Museum Volunteers, which is non-profit organization and is not a professional travel service. The Museum Group’s Excursions will make every effort to provide for the safety of participants but is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur.