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A Word from the NMV Bangkok President

Welcome to all visitors,

Members of the National Museum Volunteers (NMV), newcomers to Thailand who are looking for cultural information about their new posting as well as tourists who can find here all the information they need to visit the National Museum and the times for the guided tours.
The NMV has long been known for its free tours given in four languages: English, French, German, and Japanese.

In addition, we organize many activities for our members where they can learn about Thai history, Thai culture, the Thai people, and Buddhism.

The NMV is a place for people coming from many different countries and backgrounds. But never mind how different we are because we all share one thing: our love and passion to learn and understand this country and its unique culture.

Besides our guiding program, we offer our members the following activities: Excursions; Study Groups; Lectures; At Homes programs, all focusing on learning more about Thailand.

The National Museum recently went through a complete reshuffle. There is a new, beautiful gallery where the most important images are waiting to be admired. Here, the cultural history of Thailand comes alive and visitors marvel at the collection that has pieces from early civilizations up to more recent times.

If you are new to Thailand, if you want to know more about this country where you will stay for some time, come and join one of our activities and discover what is there for you.

A special ‘Thank you’ to Nathalie Barbé and Charlotte Vesval who created this beautiful website.

Else Geraets

NMV Bangkok President

For more information about the NMV and activities offered by the NMV, you may consult the About page.